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News: Rain outs
Posted by David Thebeau, Last Updated: 24 days ago

All games cancelled May 10th.

News: Abuse of league officials
Posted by David Thebeau, Last Updated: Sun Apr 30, 2023

Attention all league members.

Unfortunately, we have had several ejections and suspensions for abuse of our league officials. This is completely unacceptable and it will be not be tolerated moving forward. These people are doing their best on the diamonds and deserve respect. If you have an issue with an umpire, verbal abuse, physical abuse or threatening them is not acceptable behaviour by any of our league members. If you have any issue with what has happened with an umpire on a diamond, document the issue, send to drsa.slopitch@gmail.com. Documentation can be done by any player on the team, it does not have to be the team captain. We will do our best to work with the umpiring group to correct these issues. 

Effective immediately any player ejected for verbal abuse, physical abuse or threatening of any umpire will automatically be given a minimum 8 game suspension. 


News: Drinking/Smoking/Vaping Policy
Posted by David Thebeau, Last Updated: 29 days ago

Again for the 2023 season the DRSA Umpires will be enforcing the no smoking & no vaping rules at LFW (Anything within the home run fences is considered LFW), this does not apply to the parking lot:

Any player who is seen smoking or vaping by the umpire will be ejected for the night*. If the player verbally abuses the umpire in any form, the player will receive an additional minimum 8 game suspension. If there is a non-player who is associated with the team, ie. non-playing coach, score keeper, or fan associated with the team. The umpire will eject the coach, if it is a non-playing coach, the umpire will eject the next batter who is due at the plate. 
*If the ejection is in the first game the player is still ejected for the second game as well. 

If there is a spectator who is not associated with either team, the umpire will halt the game until the spectator has left the field.

If an umpire is found to be smoking or vaping at fields, they will be asked to not return to umpire the DRSA for the 2023 season.
If a player or team receives a by-law fine, their team will also be fined by the DRSA for the same amount that the DRSA is fined.. ($490.00 per player)

Teams will have 10 days to pay a fine, if the fine is not paid then the team will be removed from the schedule until the fine is paid..
Any member of the DRSA who is fined will be suspended for 2 additional games..


As stated in your permit, it is the responsibility of the permit holder to assist in enforcing these laws during your permitted time.


The Smoke-Free Ontario Act, combined with the regional Smoking and Vaping By-law, prohibits smoking and vaping on municipal property, including publicly-owned outdoor sporting areas, spectator areas, playgrounds, public areas, and parking lots.  The Permit Holder is responsible to ensure that no smoking occurs on municipal property for the duration of this permit and to ensure any person(s) smoking and/or vaping leave the property or extinguish the cigarette.  The Permit Holder’s failure to fulfill this responsibility under the law could be subject to an offence charge and face a fine.

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