How to Enter Scores Print

How to Enter in Stats

  2. Log in as Administrator (MUST BE A TEAM ADMINISTRATOR)
  3. Go to Site Settings -> Left Menu: Master Schedule to access all events easily.
  4. Select a Season/Division/Team and click the Show button.
  5. Click the Edit Statistics icon beside an event to edit the stats.
  6. A new window will open, enter in the appropriate stats for games and players.
  7. Click the Save and Close button to update your changes

**Hint** BY only clicking the Save button, you can leave the window open, and click on a different event in the schedule to quickly edit another event.




You can enter in game stats in a variety of ways on the site. If you are logged into the site, and have the correct permissions for your username, you should be able to edit the stats in almost all places were events are listed. In order to access the stats editor, just look for the edit stats icon

Common places to edit stats include:


Divisions/Teams/Schedule pages

Site Settings -> Master Schedule

Site Settings -> Events

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