DRSA Constitution Print


Article One - Name

The name of this association shall be “The Durham Regional Slo-Pitch Association Inc”, so hereinafter known as the D.R.S.A. Inc.

Article Two - Objectives

The purpose of the D.R.S.A. Inc., shall be to create an interest in, and promote Slo-Pitch in the City of Oshawa and the Region of Durham at a high and competitive level, and to gain the following objectives:

  1. To do all such things as may be deemed necessary by the Executive for the proper promotion and jurisdiction of Slo-Pitch within the D.R.S.A. Inc.
  2. To associate or affiliate with such organizations as may be determined by the Executive, subject to the approval of the General Membership.
  3. To promote fair competition, as determined by the Executive, by placing teams in compatible association divisions.
  4. To promote and regulate a championship within each division of the association.
Article Three - Membership
  1. Membership within the D.R.S.A. Inc. shall be composed of such Slo-Pitch teams as abide by and comply with the adopted rule book and the Durham Regional Slo-Pitch Association Inc. Constitution.
  2. Each member in good standing shall hold a franchise from the D.R.S.A. Inc. to operate a Slo-Pitch Club for the current year.
  3. Existing franchises shall be approved and accepted by a majority vote of the Executive.
  4. All members agree to accept the D.R.S.A. Inc. Executive’s placement of their team in a particular division (i.e. Premier, Provincial, etc.). Teams may appeal their placement to the Executive Committee.
  5. Each application for membership:
    1. Shall be in writing and shall include:
      1. The name of the sponsor membership to be granted.
      2. The name of the team Governor, Manager and Coach who will operate the team.
      3. A statement that, upon and in consideration of election to membership, the applicant will subscribe to and agree to be bound by the D.R.S.A. Inc. Constitution and all amendments thereto, and all By-laws and regulations of the D.R.S.A. Inc.
    2. Shall be accompanied by a cheque, cash or money order made payable to the D.R.S.A. Inc. for $100.00 (performance bond). If the application is refused, the said sum will be returned to the applicant.
  6. A franchise may be transferred with a written application from the parties involved and the approval of the Executive.
  7. Any member may withdraw from the D.R.S.A. Inc. membership by tendering it’s intention to do so, in writing, to the Executive, and surrendering its franchise. All dues owing to the D.R.S.A. Inc. must be paid, and all claim to funds, refunds, property, rights and interests in the D.R.S.A. Inc. must be waived. Re-application by former members who have withdrawn will be treated as new franchises.
    1. Full refund of the performance bond will be made if the member withdraws between the D.R.S.A. Inc. banquet and the Annual Meeting.
    2. The performance bond will be retained by the D.R.S.A. Inc., and the membership fee refunded if the member withdraws after the Annual Meeting and prior to the April meeting.
    3. All fees will be retained by the D.R.S.A. Inc. if a member withdraws between the April meeting and the Association Banquet.
  8. All new franchises pay a $100.00 performance bond. A new franchise will be held by the team Governor (i.e., the person who paid the performance bond). If that person leaves the team, either to quit the association, or to form a new team, the performance bond less outstanding fines will be returned to that person. Any former franchise which has missed one or more years and wishes to return to the D.R.S.A. Inc., must pay any outstanding fines and a new initiation fee. The fee is payable upon notice of acceptance to the Association.
  9. All members will accept and abide by Executive motions passed for the benefit of the D.R.S.A. Inc. during the current year.
Article Four - Officers
  1. The Executive shall consist of:
    1. The President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.
    2. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Executive, the Divisional Conveners, the Past President and the Vice-President of Scheduling and Statistics.
  2. The selection of officers shall be as follows:
    1. The President, First and Second Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer and the Secretary shall be elected by secret ballot by the team Governors at the Annual Election Meeting.
    2. The Divisional Conveners will be appointed by each respective division.
    3. The Vice-President of Scheduling and Statistics will be appointed by the Executive.
    4. The Past President shall be the previous year’s President of the D.R.S.A. Inc. and shall serve a term of one year. If the President is serving in their second or more consecutive year, in that office, there shall not be a Past President.
  3. The term of office for each member of the Executive will be from the day after they are elected, or appointed, up to and including the Annual Election Meeting the year following their election or appointment.
  4. The Executive Committee may request an honorarium to be paid to the members of this committee should the request be made. The amount to be paid shall be determined by a full membership vote.
Article Five - Powers and Duties of Officers
  1. President:
    1. Shall call and chair all meetings.
    2. Shall be the liaison between the team Governors and the Executive.
    3. Shall appoint all committee members with the approval of the Executive.
    4. Shall cast a tie breaking vote when necessary.
    5. Shall have the power to enforce the Constitution, By-laws, and playing rules of the D.R.S.A. Inc.
    6. Shall be responsible for the management and direction of all activities of the D.R.S.A. Inc.
    7. Shall co-ordinate the Annual Election Meeting by the First Sunday in December.
    8. Shall co-ordinate the Annual Association Meeting by the first Sunday in February.
  2. First Vice-President:
    1. Shall be responsible to and assist the President
    2. Shall assume the duty of the President in the latter’s absence.
    3. Shall co-ordinate the D.R.S.A. Inc. player registration and may designate another member of the Executive signing authority of player registration forms.
  3. Second Vice-President:
    1. Shall form a protest committee of three members to review and deliberate all lodged protests.
    2. The three protest committee members consist of:
      1. the President,
      2. the Second Vice-President,
      3. the Convener of the division involved.
    3. Should the team of any of the officers in “2” above, be involved in the protest, the Second Vice-President will either arrange appropriate replacements from the Executive and the Conveners, or turn this duty over to another Executive member.
  4. Treasurer:
    1. Shall keep an accurate record of all monies received and disbursed by the D.R.S.A. Inc.
    2. Shall prepare an annual financial statement to be presented at the Annual Meeting.
    3. Shall be prepared to advise of the current financial status at any D.R.S.A. Inc. meeting.
  5. Secretary:
    1. Shall keep an accurate record of proceedings of the D.R.S.A. Inc. and its Executive.
    2. Shall notify all teams of D.R.S.A. Inc. meetings.
    3. Shall maintain an up-to-date address file.
    4. Shall receive and send general correspondence.
    5. Shall maintain a register of all D.R.S.A. Inc. players by team.
    6. Shall be responsible for forwarding the application for team rosters to the adopted governing body.
    7. Shall perform other duties as prescribed by the President.
  6. Past President:
    1. Shall act as a consultant to the Executive Committee regarding all matters pertaining to the operation of the D.R.S.A. Inc.
    2. Shall have the privilege of attending all Association meetings, but will not vote on any committee motions.
  7. Vice-President of Scheduling and Statistics:
    1. Shall be responsible for receiving all game results.
    2. Shall draw up the D.R.S.A. Inc. regular and playoff schedules as directed by the Executive and be responsible for establishing all procedures for completing the regular season and playoffs, including rained out games.
    3. Shall be paid an honorarium as determined by the Executive Committee.
    4. Shall maintain a book of records and accomplishments.
    5. Shall be responsible for designing and obtaining new game score cards for the season.
  8. Divisional Conveners:
    1. Shall perform duties as directed by the President.
    2. Shall be responsible for all matters pertaining to his/her division.
    3. Shall advise the President of infractions regarding: scheduling of games, including postponements, reporting of game results, late starts, etc.
  9. Divisional Statistician:
    1. Are appointed by the Association divisions, if required.
    2. Perform all duties assigned by the Vice-President of Scheduling and Statistics.
  10. Team Governors:
    1. Shall attend, or have a representative attend, all D.R.S.A. Inc. General Meetings (see article 6, section 2: Meetings).
    2. Shall be required to assist the Executive Committee as requested.
    3. Shall participate in any committee as requested by the President or the Executive.
    4. Each team shall have one Governor (article 3, section 8) and that person or their representative shall have one vote, which is binding on his/her team, in all decisions made by the General membership.
    5. Shall be responsible for checking the master game schedule to determine that his/her team has the correct number of games, both home and away, and that their team is treated fairly in all regards. See the Vice-President of Scheduling and Statistics, or your Divisional Convener, then (see article 5, section 1(2)) if problems are not solved.
    6. Shall be responsible for completing all player registrations properly on behalf of their team.
Article Six - Meetings
  1. Annual Election Meeting: (Article 4, section 2) shall be held no later than the first Sunday in December of the current year. The order of business shall be:
    1. Minutes of the last General/Executive meeting
    2. Business out of the minutes.
    3. President’s report.
    4. Election of officers.
    5. New business.
    6. Adjournment.
  2. Annual Meeting: (First General Meeting of the new season) shall be held no later than the first Sunday in February. The Secretary, on instruction of the President, shall notify all team Governors of the time and place of all subsequent General Meetings. The order of business shall be:
    1. Opening by the President.
    2. Roll call by the Secretary, at the request of the President.
    3. Minutes of the last General/Executive meeting.
    4. Business out of the minutes.
    5. President’s report.
    6. Secretary’s report.
    7. Treasurer’s report.
    8. Committee reports.
    9. Unfinished business.
    10. New business.
    11. Adjournment. Team Governors or Representatives must attend all General meetings (Article 5, section 10). A fine of $10.00 is imposed for non-attendance. The President only shall be empowered to consider exception to this requirement.
Article Seven - Elections
  1. Shall be held each year at the Election Meeting (Article 6, section 1). A fine of $25.00 will be imposed to any member or representatives who do not attend the annual election meeting.
  2. Shall be by secret ballot, one vote per team (Governor or representative).
  3. Nominations:
    1. Either in writing to the Secretary in advance of the meeting or at the meeting, from the membership, prior to the election of the position being voted on.
    2. Each nomination must be moved and seconded.
    3. Candidates may be nominated for any number of positions, but be elected to only one.
    4. Nominees do not have to be present to run for a position, but must have written notice of acceptance at the meeting of their willingness to perform the required duties if elected.
    5. All nominees will be permitted to speak for up to two minutes prior to the vote for the position to which they are nominated.
  4. Two scrutineers will be appointed from the membership by the President to conduct the election and count the ballots.
  5. Should an elected member of the Executive be unable to fulfill their term, the President, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, shall appoint a replacement for the balance of the remaining term.
  6. Any member of the D.R.S.A. Inc. Executive Committee can be suspended or removed from his/her position with a 75% majority vote of the Executive Committee.
Article Eight - Amendments to the Constitution
  1. No amendment may be made to any part of this Constitution and By-laws, except at the Annual meeting (Article 6, section 2).
  2. Amendments require the approval of two-thirds of the team Governors, present (or their representatives). These teams must be in good standing with the D.R.S.A. Inc.
  3. Notice of any proposed amendment to the constitution must be received by the Secretary in writing four weeks prior to the annual general meeting.
  4. The Constitution Committee will meet to assess the proposed amendments within three weeks of the annual general meeting. 
  5. The Secretary shall then forward a copy of the committee’s recommended amendments to each team, at least two weeks prior to the Annual meeting.
  6. These amendments subject to review and/or revision by the Team Governors shall be voted on at the Annual Meeting.
Article Nine - Committees
  1. Special Events
  2. Protests and Rules.
  3. Expansion and Scheduling
  4. Tournaments
  5. Nominating
  6. Awards and Banquets
  7. Constitution
  8. Any other deemed necessary by the President.


By-Law One - Membership
  1. Each team may sign up to a maximum of 22 players. The coach and the manager must be designated as playing, should they chose to play in association games (insurance only covers individuals designated as players).
  2. A player must be on a teams webpage roster approved by an Executive member to be eligible to compete in any D.R.S.A. Inc. league or playoff game.
  3. All D.R.S.A. Inc. players must be on the league webpage roster prior to July 1. This is the final date for roster changes.
  4. Slo-Pitch governing body rosters will be applied for by the Secretary to the appropriate organization (Article 5, section 5, (5) & (6)).
  5. The opposing Manager or Coach or D.R.S.A. Inc. Executive may request to see any player’s id and request any player in question to sign their signature on a score sheet for comparison with the player’s id. If the player does not have identification with them they will have 7 days during the regular season and 24 hours during the playoffs to produce identification to a DRSA executive. To validate this identification the player in question will need to sign the opposing teams line up card. If the signature does not match the presented identification then appropriate action, such as defaults and possible fines, will be at the discretion of the Executive.
  6. A team guilty if using an unrostered player, whether the infraction is reported by another team (within 48 hours of the game in question), shall forfeit any points earned in that game and pay a $50.00 fine. In addition, a further $50.00 fine (total $100.00) will be levied. Further disciplinary action may be levied by the Executive Committee, which can include suspensions.
  7. A player can only be assigned to one active D.R.S.A. Inc. team per division per season, maximum of three (3) players from a higher division per team roster. If more than one roster is assigned, the player is committed to the first team to have assigned the player to their roster. Transfers of players are allowed (see (8) following). 
  8. Prior to the final signing date, players may move from one team to another after being assigned to an approved web page roster. The team managers must agree to the change.  The league webmaster responsible for player rosters must be advised of the change prior to the player playing for his/her new team.
  9. Players must be 18 years of age, as of December 31 of the current year to play in Men’s, Women’s or Coed divisions and 35 years, old to play in Men’s Masters and 35 years old to play in Women’s Masters. Proof of age will be required. If a player in under 18 years of age at the time of completing online registration, a parent/guardian’s release must accompany the player’s registration. This rule will apply to any other grouping where age and/or sex are a criterion as established by the Executive Committee.
  10. All established relationships are dissolved at the completion of the season (regular and playoff). Players. Coaches and managers are free to move to other teams the following year.
  11. Males may only play in Men’s and Coed divisions. Females may only play in Ladies and Coed divisions.
By-Law Two - Fees
  1. The annual membership fee shall be paid to the Treasurer by each team, at or prior to the first General Meeting held after the Annual Meeting. Payment will form a part of the current year’s team fees. Non-payment will indicate withdrawal from the Association (see Article 3). Extensions may be requested of the Treasurer. If granted, By-law 2, part 5 is in effect.
  2. The following will result in forfeiture of all or part of the performance bond:
    1. $50.00 for forfeiture of a regularly scheduled season or playoff game.
    2. Withdrawal form the D.R.S.A. Inc. (Article 3).
    3. Any outstanding fines outlines in these articles and by-laws.
  3. Any team which forfeits its performance bond must replace it prior to its next scheduled game. Failure to do so will result in being deleted from the schedule.
  4. Any expenditures by the D.R.S.A. Inc., not part of the normal operation of the league, must be approved by a two thirds majority of the team governors or their representatives at an Association General Meeting.
  5. All payments made to the D.R.S.A. Inc. must be before the deadline stipulated by the Constitution or as determined by the Executive. Late payments, and NSF cheques will be subject to a $25.00 fine and bank charges where applicable.
  6. All funds not subject to a deadline and due and payable within 14 days of notification by the Treasurer. Failure to comply will be subject to action by the Executive.
  7. If a rebate to teams is authorized as a result of Executive action, it will not apply to any new teams entering the association. A one year waiting period is required to be eligible to participate in this action (see Article 3 for Membership).
By-Law Three - Schedule and Playoffs
  1. Annually, prior to May 1, the D.R.S.A. Inc. will outline a regular season schedule and determine a playoff format and schedule each division’s championship.
  2. All postponed or rain out games will be rescheduled at the discretion of the Vice-President of Scheduling and Statistics. This includes date, time and diamond. Notification of Game Times as Follows:
    • Regular Season - Seven Days
    • August - 48 Hours
    • Playoffs - 24 Hours
  3. Playoff home advantage will go to the team with the higher regular season standing.
  4. If teams are tied in the final season standings, or any round robin playoff series, the following statistics between all teams involved will determine the final team position. (Note: All teams tied will be compared at the same time. The tie breaking order will be followed (process of elimination), regardless of the number of teams tied).

The Tie Breaking order is as follows:

Regular Season:

Highest position to the team with:

  1. Fewest Defaults
  2. Two teams tied - head to head record. More than two teams tied - the best winning percentage in games against each other
  3. Highest run differential in games against each other.
  4. Sudden death game.


In the event of a round robin playoff, highest position to the team with:

  1. Fewest defaults (combined regular season and playoff).
  2. If teams (any number) are tied - highest record against each other.
  3. Highest run differential in games with each other.
  4. Sudden death game.
By-Law Four - Playing Regulations
  1. The D.R.S.A. Inc. will abide by the rules of the adopted Governing body plus any amendments contained herein.
  2. All games to commence at the time agreed to on the master schedule of the Vice-President of Scheduling and Statistics.
  3. All regular season games to be no longer than seven innings.
  4. For all games scheduled (see also by-law 4, section 7), no complete inning may start ten (10) minutes before the scheduled start time of the next game. Games not completed at the end of regulation time, one hour and 15 minutes, must refer back to the last complete inning for the final score. This rule also applies to the last D.R.S.A. Inc. game of the day.
  5. Any game that is not official, due to light failure, will be resumed at the point of such failure, at a later date.
  6. Only the D.R.S.A. Inc. Vice-President of Scheduling and Statistics can authorize postponement or cancel a scheduled game for reasons other than weather (see by-law 3).
  7. All playoff games must be seven innings in length. Extra innings must be played to determine a winner (no ties).
  8. All games must commence on time and with a minimum of nine players. A roster player arriving after the game start at any point during the game must be inserted in the tenth position in the line up. The umpire must be notified of the player addition.
  9. There will be a 15 minute grace period given to allow a team to field a minimum of nine players.
  10. The winning team must submit the game score online within 7 days. In the event of a tie the home team must submit the score. For every score not submitted, the applicable points will not be recorded.
  11. Teams that do not report actual games results will be subject to a fine of $50.00 and loss of two points, for the first offence. Additional offences will be subject to review and/or discipline by the D.R.S.A. Inc. Executive.
  12. The home team will supply one new sanctioned ball and one other sanctioned ball, its condition being acceptable to the umpire.
  13. Home Run Rule (Fenced Diamonds Only): Match Plus 2 - At no time during a game, will the number of over the fence, unaided (not a four base error) home runs hit by one team be more than two (2) hit by the opposing team. When an over the fence home run is hit that is in excess of two (2), the batter will be called out.
By-Law Five - Coed Playing Regulations
  1. A team can field more than 5 females but never more than 5 males. (Never more than ten (10) players in the field)
  2. The batting order will be an alternating line up and must always alternate sexes unless a team plays with more female than male players. In this case, up to three females may bat in succession. If a player shows up late after going through the order of that sex, they must be substituted into the batting line up.
  3. Scoring line: When scoring a run, the runner must cross behind home plate in foul territory across the scoring line. If the runner touches home plate or crosses in front of the plate in fair territory, he/she is out. If a defensive player has possession of the ball and is standing on home plate prior to the runner crossing the safe line, the runner is out. The safe line runs perpendicular to the third base line from the front of home plate.
  4. Commitment Line: Shall be 20 feet from home plate, towards third base, perpendicular to the third base line. Once a runner passes this line on their way towards home plate, they may not go back to third base.
  5. Coed division will use a 2’ X 3’ mat for the strike zone. If a ball hits any part of the mat it will be called a strike. The catcher may touch any part of the mat to make a play at home plate.
  6. If a male walks he is awarded second base and the following female in the order must bat.
  7. All other standard rules of Coed Slo-Pitch apply, according to the adopted rule book.


By-Law Six - Protests

  1. A team filing a protest of a regular season D.R.S.A. Inc. game must notify the Second Vice-President, or if not available, the President, within 48 hours of completion of the protested game. This notification must be followed with a letter of protest within five days of the game.
  2. A team filing a protest of a playoff game must notify the Second Vice-President, or if not available, the President, immediately following the game and a decision must be reached on the protest before the next game in the series can be played. (Please note By-Law 1-Membership Section 6 applies to all games played in any playoff series.)
  3. A fee of $50.00 must accompany all written protests (cash, certified cheque, bank draft or money order).
  4. During regular league play, the protest committee must make a ruling on a protest within one week of receipt of the written protest.
  5. If the protest is upheld, the $50.00 fee shall be refunded to the protesting team. If refused, it shall be retained by the D.R.S.A. Inc.
By-Law Seven - Ejections and Suspensions
  1. It shall be the responsibility of the umpires to inform (in writing) the D.R.S.A. Inc. of all ejections immediately following the game.
  2. A team or individual may be subject to a fine and/or suspension if caught abusing the privileges given the D.R.S.A. Inc. by the City of Oshawa for use of those diamonds.
  3. The D.R.S.A. Inc. Executive may fine and/or suspend any team, player, coach or manager, without compensation for the following:
    1. Use of an illegal player, cheating, fraud or attempted fraud, NSF cheques, or other acts considered detrimental to the D.R.S.A. Inc. or Slo-Pitch.
    2. Abuse to umpires, conveners, organizers or D.R.S.A. Inc. Executives. Based upon the adopted guidelines of the D.R.S.A. Inc. and the adopted governing body.
  4. A team that is issued a letter of suspension from the City of Oshawa shall be subjected to a $50.00 fine. In addition, all games forfeited as a result of the suspension will be subject to the $50.00 default fine per game. These fines are payable before the team is re-instated to play in league/playoff games. There will be no refunds to any club for games missed as a result of the suspension. Appeals for this letter must be made to the Oshawa Community Services Department.
  5. Appeal Procedure: An individual who wishes to appeal a suspension, must submit the appeal in writing to the Second Vice-President, or the President if not available, within 24 hours of the notice of suspension. The matter will be reviewed and a decision rendered within one week. While the appeal is in process, the player’s suspension will remain in effect.
By-Law Eight - Umpires
  1. All umpires officiating D.R.S.A. Inc. games must be carded by the adopted governing body. Fees to be paid to umpires are subject to approval by the D.R.S.A. Inc. membership.
By-Law Nine - Awards and Trophies
  1. The winning team in each of the playoff categories shall be declared the D.R.S.A. Inc. Champion, and awarded. Divisions may include: Premier, Canadian, National, Federal, Provincial, Masters, Ladies, Coed and any other appropriate division determined by the Executive.
  2. The team finishing first in each division at the end of the regular season shall receive an annual trophy.
  3. Other awards may be presented as determined by the awards committee.
  4. A book of records and accomplishments shall be maintained by the Vice-President of Scheduling and Statistics.