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Attention all league members.

Unfortunately, we have had several ejections and suspensions for abuse of our league officials. This is completely unacceptable and it will be not be tolerated moving forward. These people are doing their best on the diamonds and deserve respect. If you have an issue with an umpire, verbal abuse, physical abuse or threatening them is not acceptable behaviour by any of our league members. If you have any issue with what has happened with an umpire on a diamond, document the issue, send to drsa.slopitch@gmail.com. Documentation can be done by any player on the team, it does not have to be the team captain. We will do our best to work with the umpiring group to correct these issues. 

Effective immediately any player ejected for verbal abuse, physical abuse or threatening of any umpire will automatically be given a minimum 8 game suspension. 

Posted by David Thebeau, Created Tue Jul 9, 2019