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News: Covid Screening procedure
Posted by David Thebeau, Posted: Sat Jul 3, 2021

Attachment: City of Oshawa Screening Tool - outdoor permit.pdf (559.27 K)

REMINDER--> Any player who is found to be playing and has not completed this screening requirement will result in the full team being removed from the DRSA for the 2021 season** NO WARNINGS WILL BE GIVEN BY THE DRSA. 

This is the procedure that each of your players/coaches/spectators/kids must complete before coming to the diamonds, this must be completed for every game.  There are no exceptions to this rule ...ie  This must be completed if you are double vaccinated. There is no circumstance where this does not have to be completed. 

All players/coaches must show their completed screening to the umpire with their name and the date that they completed the screening. This date must match the date of the game on their completed screening form. 

This can be done in several forms for the umpire. 

--> Printout of completed screening
--> Screenshot on your phone
--> Copy of the e-mail you receive after completing

I completed 2 samples to try it out and it took me less than a minute to complete it each time. 

For Location --> Pick "Other Parks and Sports Fields"

News: 2021 Season
Posted by David Thebeau, Last Updated: Sat Jul 3, 2021

This year the Executive Committee of DRSA is working diligently to give the league every chance to take the field in 2021.

Should the city issue permits for play this year, a process that we currently have little information on, please indicate your intent to register your team to play under the following conditions:

Season Format:
- 17 week, 34 game schedule for all divisions starting on May 3, 2021
- Games will be 1 hour in length
- Games will all be natural doubleheaders (Play the same team twice)
- All games will use the 1-1 count
- Rolling postponement of games if permits are not issued
- If no permit is received by July 5, 2021 - the season will be cancelled
- Rainout games will not be rescheduled
    - Teams will receive remuneration for rainout games at the end of the season **This remuneration will only consist of the following 3 fees ((Umpire fee + 1 hour of diamond rental + Lights) divided by 2) )    
- Final division standings to be determined by winning percentages for the playoff seeding
- Executive Committee will determine the playoff format for all divisions
- No prize money will be issued for any team
- New Start times are required to meet the city of Oshawa permit requirements for the season, They are as follows:
--> 600 pm & 700 pm  
--> 630 pm & 730 pm
--> 900 pm & 1000 pm
--> 930 pm &1030 pm

- Deposit of $500 due on 2021/04/12 ($50 per player if you only carried 10 players)  Roster size is 22 players. Currently we are not aware of any maximums at the diamond but as we are all aware the situation is fluid and we may be forced to adapt. ** 100% Fully refundable if the season is cancelled, non-refundable after April 12th if any portion of the season is played.
- Payments can be sent to DRSApayments@gmail.com
- 70% of the balance due within 7 days of the season start.
- Remainder of balance due 30 days after start of the season
- Currently, we will not be able to take more than 40 teams based on the information we have from the City of Oshawa. If other leagues are not running this year then we can increase this number.
- This will be split as 28-32 Men's teams and 8-12 CO-ED teams. priority will be given to returning teams before any new team is allowed in.  
- If we have more teams than spots available, apply to play, then priority will be given to teams who have their deposit in first.   

Rules of Play:
- Special COVID rules will be finalized after consultation with local health protocols and NSA before the start of play

Please send any questions on the 2021 season to  <drsa.slopitch@gmail.com> .